What to do in Banff on your first visit

What to do in Banff on your first visit

You’re overwhelmed and full of excitement. It’ll be your first time in Banff and you’re not quite sure what to expect and what there is to do in Banff. Will you have to climb a mountain to get the amazing views? Do you need to watch out for grizzly bears everywhere you go? Is there…

By Amanda 14 February, 2019 6

Why you should visit Lake Louise in winter

Why you should visit Lake Louise in winter

I bet you’ve seen pictures of an amazing, turquoise looking lake surrounded by mountains in Alberta. If it’s not Moraine Lake in the photos, it’s most likely Lake Louise – they’re both beautiful and only 20 minutes away from each other. However, if you visit Lake Louise in winter, the mountains will of course still…

By Amanda 8 February, 2019 30

The magical Ice Bubble Lake in Alberta – a must see!

The magical Ice Bubble Lake in Alberta – a must see!

We stumbled upon this magical place just by pure luck (and a quite fascinating amount of research by Fredrik on a lazy Sunday). This ice bubble lake in Alberta, called Abraham Lake, is not something that’s ranking high when you’re searching for things to do in the area. It only has 11 reviews at this moment…

By Amanda 1 February, 2019 8

Peters’ Drive-in Review

Peters’ Drive-in Review

I’ve been told this is the place to go in Calgary – Peters’ Drive-In. It’s been here since 1962(!) and since Fredrik and I live just minutes away, we decided to give it a chance. After all, the reviews on Google gives it over 4 of 5 stars. Still, I couldn’t find a more thorough…

By Amanda 24 January, 2019 0

How is life in Calgary?

How is life in Calgary?

How is life in Calgary? It’s filled with work, food and hockey. In the picture above, Fredrik and I are at our first NHL-game ever – sitting in row one! Time goes really quickly, that was more than a week ago! I’ve been in Canada for five months already, and Fredrik for more than three. For…

By Amanda 10 January, 2019 4

Free tickets to Calgary Flames – we’re going!

Can it get any better? Fredrik and I are both into hockey so of course we have to watch an NHL-game while we’re here in Canada. As a backpacker -yes, you’ve heard this from me before- you’re always aiming for cheap, or even free. By coincidence, we were super lucky this time and got free…

By Amanda 31 December, 2018 2

How to celebrate Christmas as a backpacker

It’s so hard to get into the Christmas Spirit abroad! We have snow which is great, but still the Christmas feeling isn’t on top here in Calgary. Of course, you can pay a visit to Zoolights, go to Christmas concerts or other events – but that will cost you quite much! Celebrating Christmas as a…

By Amanda 23 December, 2018 6

Zoolights in Calgary- the complete guide for your visit

I didn’t plan to go to Zoolights in Calgary for different reasons, but everyone I met including our landlord and my co-workers told me it’s a must during winter – and it was indeed amazing! There are some things I wish we’d know before we went so we could have planned our visit better, since…

By Amanda 17 December, 2018 8

Celebrating Lucia in Calgary

You’ve probably already noticed that I love traditions. One of the Christmas traditions in Sweden is celebrating Lucia on the 13th of December. For all the Swedes in Canada thinking they will have to make their own Lucia at home, don’t worry! I thought I would miss it this year as well, but to my…

By Amanda 13 December, 2018 4

YES – I’ve found a job in Calgary!

I did it! I’ve found a job in Calgary! During the last week I’ve been to three different job interviews, for two part-time jobs and one full-time job in Calgary. All interviews went well but in the end the choice was easy – of course, I took the full-time job. I’ve already worked my first…

By Amanda 8 December, 2018 4