Month: March 2019

I want to travel the world again – bye Calgary!

I feel like it’s time. Time to get back on the road, I want to travel the world again! After four months in Calgary, Fredrik and I just quit our jobs – we’re leaving for BC! Where to go next At the moment we’re choosing between Kelowna and Vancouver Island. Kelowna looks so beautiful with…

By Amanda 14 March, 2019 0

How to travel for free – or really cheap!

When I discovered how to travel for free or really cheap, it truly changed my whole perspective and way of travelling. If I tell people I’m a full-time traveller, there’s always someone asking if I’ve won the lottery. For me, travelling has never been about spending money, but about learning and gaining experiences abroad –…

By Amanda 9 March, 2019 4

A Johnston Canyon hike – we found the secret cave!

30 minutes outside of Banff, you’ll find this beautiful place. Johnston Canyon has a lot to offer for all different ages. The original Johnston Canyon hike will usually lead you to one or two of the falls along the trail, but for the adventurous ones there’s more to see – what about a secret cave…

By Amanda 1 March, 2019 0