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Nelson is such a cute and quirky small town! I’m really glad we decided to go there, it has a lot to offer – especially hikes. The best part? You don’t even have to be super fit or experienced to go hiking in Nelson, there’s something for everyone! In this post I’ll share three fairly easy hikes in Nelson BC with you (the last one is more of a challenge, perfect for the adventurous one!) that you really should give a try when you’re there.

The easy hikes in Nelson BC you really should give a try – but might need a car for

To be able to do these hikes, it really helps if you have a car since one of them isn’t literally in Nelson, it’s one hour away. I still put it on this list though, since it’s a hike worth considering if you’re in town! Without a car, you’ll be able to do the easiest one of these hikes – it’s right downtown. Also, if you don’t have a car (or maybe a bike?) but don’t mind walking five kilometres to get to the beginning of the trail, you’ll be able to do the more tougher one of these 3 hikes as well!

Hiking to the Flagpole in Nelson, British Columbia
Hiking in Nelson gives you great views like this one!

Gyro Park Lookout

Let’s start with the shortest one – Gyro Park Lookout. To be honest, it’s not even a real hike, more like a five minutes walk, but there’s a beautiful view from the top at the flagpole that you just can’t miss when you’re in Nelson! Gyro Park is super easy to find and get to, since it’s pretty much in the middle of town. Bring a picnic, admire the view over Nelson and the lake and take some time to just walk around the park before heading down again!

Address: Gyro Park Lookout, Nelson, BC V1L 4G6

Gyro Park Lookout
The weather in Nelson can change quickly – luckily, hiking in Nelson doesn’t have to mean being outside for hours! This view is from The Gyro Park Lookout, just a short walk/”mini-hike” from downtown.

Gibson Lake Trail

While there are several amazing hikes in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, Gibson Lake trail is a great choice if you’re looking for an easier but still very beautiful hike! Walk the trail around the lake, which is approximately 2 kilometres, and enjoy the stunning reflections of the mountains in the water. Remember, as with any hike, always check the current conditions before you go. During the colder months of the year, you need to make sure snow and ice won’t get in your way. During summer, on the other hand, you need to be sure there are no forest fires.

Address: Gibson Lake, Kokanee Glacier Road


Pulpit Rock (and The Flagpole)

Pulpit Rock is the hardest one of these hikes, classed as “moderate”. To make it even tougher, but with beautiful views as the reward, you can continue all the way up to the flag post. Although these hikes are moderate, I managed to do them both as my first hike of the year, while being in no good shape at all (I still blame Christmas for that!). If you feel like the other two hikes are way too easy for you, this might be something to try!

When you get to Pulpit Rock, which took us about 30-45 minutes, you’ll have a great view over Nelson. If you feel like that’s enough for you, sit down and enjoy the view before making your way back down again. There are some nice rocks to sit on, so bring a picnic!

The Flagpole Hike in Nelson BC
Fredrik and I at The Flagpole!

From Pulpit Rock to The Flagpole

If you instead feel like doing some more hiking, continue up to The Flagpole. This took us about the same time as getting up to Pulpit Rock. The hike to Pulpit Rock is 1,8 kilometres, one way, while going up to The Flagpole adds another 0.9 or 1.1 kilometres, depending on which way you’re taking. There are continuously signs showing you the “easy way” and “more difficult way” – we chose the easy one, which still was tough enough for the first hike of the year!

The views from The Flagpole are truly amazing. You’ll see Nelson from above, numerous mountains, the beautiful valley and Kootenay Lake – I could have stayed there all day! Remember to bring water and sunscreen though. It can get pretty warm, especially if you go during the middle of the day. Don’t forget to watch for wildlife as well – we saw a beautiful eagle! And of course, the trail is full of adorable dogs that will make any dog lover eager to continue hiking to the top.

If you decide to do this hike, remember it’s classed as moderate – it can get steep, so be careful!

Address: 238 Johnstone Rd, Nelson, BC V1L 6J1


Gyro Park Lookout, Gibson Lake Trail or Pulpit Rock/The Flagpole? Whichever of these rather easy hikes in Nelson BC you choose (or maybe you decide to do all of them!), have fun and enjoy the beautiful views they all have to offer!

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  1. Kay

    Oo great suggestions! I’ve been looking for some new BC hikes! I know what I’m doing for the rest of the summer!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you, I can really recommend these ones! Beautiful and not too tough!

  2. josypheen

    Oooh these sound much easier than the hikes you attempted near Squamish. You still got some fantastic views though. 😀

    Were there many people on the trails, or was it a little more relaxing?

    1. Amanda

      Yes, these are definitely much easier, but with lovely views as well! We were there just before summer so it wasn’t crowded at all! 🙂

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