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I’ve already told you about the amazing hikes this quirky small town has to offer, but there are also plenty of other things to do in Nelson BC – things that don’t involve hiking! Maybe hanging at the beach or strolling around beautiful buildings downtown is more your thing? Great, continue reading!


Things to do in Nelson BC


Rotary Lakeside Park

Rotary Lakeside Park in Nelson, also knows as just the Lakeside Park, is beautifully situated right at the waterfront. There’s even a sandy beach! Relax, go for a walk, bring a picnic or maybe even go for a swim? You can easily spend a full day here!

Address: Lake Side Park, 306 Elwyn St, Nelson, BC V1L 6G4, Canada


Go for a stroll downtown among Nelson’s heritage buildings

This is a great idea – Nelson is actually known as the heritage capital of British Columbia! Go for a spontaneous stroll downtown among Nelson’s over 350 beautiful heritage buildings. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture or just cute shops and cafes, this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or two. If you prefer knowing where to go and what to see, visit Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism where you can get information on particular heritage buildings. When I was there, they even offered a guide and a map that helped a lot!

Address: Downtown Nelson. Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism: 91 Baker St, Nelson, BC V1L 4G8, Canada


Things to see in Nelson BC - Cottonwood Falls Park
Want to see a waterfall without having to hike? Cottonwood Falls Park is just a short walk from downtown Nelson!

Cottonwood Falls Park

If you want to stay in the city but still see a waterfall, here’s your chance! We actually had some trouble finding this one, even though it’s on the map. The reason for that is simply because we just couldn’t believe it was located right in the middle between a highway, several stores and a recycling centre. It might feel like you’re going the wrong way, but you’re most likely not – behind all those buildings, there’s actually a small park and a waterfall!

Address: Cottonwood Falls Park, 


The Big Orange Bridge in Nelson BC
This colourful bridge is called the BOB – the Big Orange Bridge. This quickly became on of my favourite sights in Nelson!

The BOB – the Big Orange Bridge

I’ve already told you about my love for bridges. And when we came to Nelson I got a lovely surprise – Nelson has a really cool bridge, an orange one! Maybe you saw it already in the first photo taken from the Rotary Lakeside Park, which is a great place to enjoy this beautiful bridge. The Big Orange Bridge was built to replace a ferry and opened in 1957 to connect Nelson with the north shore. Except enjoying it from the Rotary Lakeside Park, you can also do so from Gyro Lookout or just by crossing it!

Address: Big Orange Bridge, 820 BC-3A, Nelson, BC V1L 6B6, Canada


Murals in Nelson
This mural in Nelson is a tribute to freeskier JP Auclair.

Murals around town and an international mural festival in Nelson

Into murals? Check out this colourful bird mural we went to see on Gordon Street in Nelson. You can also stroll around town to explore other ones on your own or visit the international mural festival that is free of charge and takes place in August!

Address: Colourful bird mural, a tribute to JP Auclair: Gordon Street, Nelson, BC.


If you’re still looking for things to see and do in Nelson, you can always check out these upcoming events in Nelson BC.

Have a great time in Nelson!


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