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Hi everyone! I feel like it’s time for an update since our year in Canada is coming to an end. We only have two months left on our Working Holiday Visas, but we have no plans at all on returning to Sweden for a while. Instead, we decided to continue travelling – our next adventure will be as backpackers in the USA! If that wasn’t exciting enough for us, we’ve also decided to switch continents this autumn!

Driving in Canada is so much fun, since it’s absolutely beautiful!

Our trip to the USA is a dream coming true for me. Ever since I got obsessed with The O.C. (my absolute favorite TV show, I’ve watched it ten times or so, so far!), California has been a destination at the top of my list of places I really want to visit. So, since we’re already on the continent, we decided to book a ticket to Los Angeles!

Because I’ll get to go to my dream destination, Fredrik wanted to go to one of his as well. So, apparently, we’re also going to Hawaii! I definitely don’t mind that, these are two amazing destinations. However, they’re very expensive. We’re trying to figure out how to visit them without getting completely broke… I’ll tell you when I know how! I’ve already been to Oahu once so that will hopefully help, the rest we’ll try to figure out as we go.

We’re planning on staying in British Columbia for the rest of our year in Canada. If you’re following me on Facebook, you might have seen that we decided to buy a van. We’re done converting it into a camper and are now living in it! I think the result is great, we have plenty of room and it’s just so much easier exploring when you can go wherever you want and don’t have to rely on public transport. I’m a bit sad we have to sell it in two months, to be honest! It’s starting to feel like home, but when we leave we’ll hopefully find someone else who wants to explore Canada with it.

Having a car makes exploring so much easier – we’ve already seen so many places we wouldn’t have done without it.

After visiting the USA, later this autumn, we’ve decided to go backpacking in Australia! We have applied for Working Holiday Visas and will most likely do the same thing as we’ve been doing in Canada. Work to save some money, and then travel for as long as we can before we find somewhere else we want to explore! I’m really looking forward to Australia and I think Fredrik is too. Although, he’s pretty scared of all the creepy animals. I’ve been to Australia before (and was lucky enough to only see one venomous spider), while this will be Fredrik’s first time in Australia. So exciting!

That’s the plan for now, there’s pretty much going on! If anyone of you has been to the places we’re going to, I’d love to get some recommendations. Everything from the typical must do’s to more off the beaten path things we can’t miss are of interest!

Being a full-time backpacker truly is an adventure!

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