The sweet beginning

My first blog post. I’ve been thinking about what to write for a while, it’s rather special after all. The first post. Perhaps I should write a fancy presentation and give you several reasons to follow me. Perhaps I should promise you reviews from famous tourist attractions and comfortable hotels.

But I won’t. Because there won’t be anything fancy about my travels, I won’t visit the big tourist attractions more than neccessary and I won’t stay at any fancy hotels. At least that’s what I think – the main reason why I don’t tell you anything yet, is because I don’t know. Hence, I can’t make you any promises.

I do know some things though. Things like I’m at the airport.

I’m at the airport right now, starting my big adventure. I will be in Dublin in three hours, but that’s not my destination. My destination is Canada, a small town close to Vancouver preferably. Maybe. As I said, I don’t really know yet. But it’s okay. The journey going there is almost always the thing that changes you. The thing that makes you feel alive. The thing that makes me feel alive.

Some people think I’m being stupid, flying across the Atlantic with nothing but my backpack containing some clothes and Swedish candy – with nowhere to live and no job. Let’s hope they’re not right!

I’ve been in Stockholm for the last eight months trying to live “the normal life”. You know – work, go to the gym, eat, sleep and repeat. It didn’t work. I thought about my previous travels [that you can read more about here] everyday.

I have a working holiday visa for one year. I can’t tell you where I’ll go yet, I can’t tell you what job I’ll have and I can’t tell you how I’ll live – but I hope you want to follow me on my adventures anyway, I have a feeling it can be quite exciting!

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  1. Charlotte

    Låter spännande och kul.

    1. Amanda

      Ja, det känns verkligen som början på ett stort äventyr!

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