I visited Canada two years ago and remember it as a beautiful place with friendly people. But I didn’t know it’s this beautiful and has this friendly people!

I barely know where to start. I’m in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. It feels rather small but it has about 110 000 inhabitants. And oh, one more thing – it’s gorgeous.

I fell directly for the cute houses. I could definitely imagine myself living in one. The town is really charming. But the thing that stole my heart, is the Signal Hill and the view from there. Wow. I’ve seen so many beautiful places during my previous travels, but this one goes directly to the top of the list.

It’s a hill, as you might tell, and was mainly used to protect the city since it’s overlooking the harbour. Nowadays it’s full of hiking trails with amazing views. Whatever you do, don’t miss it if you’re in St. John’s!

Now let’s talk about the Canadians here in St. John’s. The first thing I’ve noticed is the cars or, more precisely, the drivers. They slow down and stop in front off the crossings, far away – there’s no rush. Even if there is no crossing and they see that you want to cross, they stop, smile and wave at you! I’m completely stunned, in a good way.

Then there are the smiles when you meet someone while walking on the sidewalk.

And finally, the “hello” and “hi” – some people you meet even greet you! I met a lovely old couple yesterday who almost started chatting with me. I love it!

Such a great start. St. John’s, you set the bar pretty high.

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