Can it get any better? Fredrik and I are both into hockey so of course we have to watch an NHL-game while we’re here in Canada. As a backpacker -yes, you’ve heard this from me before- you’re always aiming for cheap, or even free. By coincidence, we were super lucky this time and got free tickets to Calgary Flames!

Calgary Flames Jersey
We got free tickets to Calgary Flames when buying this jersey for 40% of the regular price – that’s a good deal!

How did we get free tickets to a Calgary Flames-game?

To be honest, we didn’t even know this before we walked in at FanAttic. It’s the fan store for Calgary Flames and we went there to buy a jersey for my brother. Apparantly, everyone who bought exactly that jersey on boxing day got a pair of free tickets to any Flames-game in January! The reason we went to FanAttic on Boxing Day was because everything was on 35-40% sale (I’m starting to understand why Boxing Day is big here! The discount is valid online until the 2nd of January if anyone is interested in some new merch).

This is what I got:

− A t-shirt with my favourite player’s number and name

− The jersey

− And as a plus, two (free) tickets to a Calgary Flames in January

All of this for about 125 dollars – I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a good deal for sure!

We understood directly that the seats wouldn’t be great, and we can confirm that we were right. Let’s say we’ll be happy if we see the puck. Still, it’s an experience for sure and I won’t say no to free NHL-tickets!

In addition to that, we’ve actually already bought tickets to another game as well – with seats where we’ll actually see the puck! And not just any game, but the one on New Year’s Eve! It was expensive, but we see it as our Christmas gift this year. I have been to World Cup of Hockey in Canada before, but I’ve never seen an NHL-game live – I’m super excited!

Calgary Skyline
A view of Calgary’s skyline, just minutes from where we live. We hope to start the new year up on this hill!

After the game we’ll try to make our way over to a hill close to where we live with this beautiful view of Calgary’s skyline. Fredrik has even bought champagne – 2019, we’re ready for you!

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  1. Maria

    Vilken lyx!!! Lite avla faktiskt! Jag har bara varit på en Canucks match och det var riktigt skoj!:)

    1. Amanda

      Det ska bli jättekul – jag är riktigt taggad, men tyvärr jobbar jag under dagen så hoppas jag inte är för trött, haha! Åh vad roligt, om vi har råd kanske vi går på en match i Vancouver nästa år med! Kan tänka mig att stämningen är fantastisk! 🙂

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