In the end, we decided to wait one more day to do the hike up the mountain. The weather forecast was unfortunately right. We had planned to go hiking yesterday, but since it was raining almost all day we ended up doing it today instead. No rain, but sadly no sun either.

We actually thought for a short second about extending our stay, but the forecast for the beginning of next week didn’t look good either and we decided that it’s just too expensive for us in Mont-Tremblant, as I told you about here. Today was our last chance to go hiking, so we brought our best clothes for bad weather and started walking towards the mountain! There’s a Swedish saying that goes like this: “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes”, so we tried to bring that enthusiasm with us during the hike.

Beautiful colours from a viewpoint on our way up the mountain.

Just to get to the beginning of the mountain from our hostel takes about 45 minutes, walking. You can then choose between numerous of different hikes that will take you to the top, and we chose one more off-road where we hoped there wouldn’t be too many people. It seemed like almost everyone chose to walk straight up at the front of the mountain. That’s the steepest walk and with the same view all the time, just from higher levels as you walk. Our hike, called Caps, took around two hours, but let us see the town and beyond from different angles – it was still beautiful, even if it was gray! I definitely recommend it if you like to have more than just one view and also want to pass some sights, like waterfalls, on the way.

The weather got better as we walked down!

When we finally came to the top, we sadly had to admit that we were right – from the very top, it was too foggy to see anything. A bit upsetting since we had been walking for quite a while, the mountain is almost 1000 meters above sea level. But I was happy anyway, we had a nice walk and the rain stayed away although it was gray the whole time. Hopefully we have even better luck next time with the weather!

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