Free isn’t bad at all – especially when you’re a backpacker and every dollar counts! When I see something for free I usually go with it. It could be anything between a free tour to a free meal at a hostel. This time though, it was more like a free trip – to Dublin!

A free trip to Dublin – I couldn’t say no to that! Just look how beautiful this park at St Patrick’s Cathedral is – the perfect spot for a lunch break.

So here I am! A free trip to Dublin, how did that happen? Well, it wasn’t given to me so I didn’t literally get the trip for free. However, when I checked the different options for flying to Canada, the flights from Stockholm were all really expensive. That’s when I started looking for options.

And there it was. A non-stop flight from Dublin to my destination, St. John’s. I would save over 200 CAD by doing a stopover and buying two seperate tickets, one Stockholm-Dublin and one Dublin-St. John’s. As you probably can tell, I didn’t hesitate and booked the flights directly.

Temple Bar is an area in Dublin, but it’s also one specific pub in that area! The most expensive one though, according to the locals I’ve talked to.

I booked the different flights so I will get two days here in Dublin. 200 CAD for two days is way more than I will spend here, so I even saved money by going on this trip! All expenses are covered – two nights at a hostel, food and transportation. And some Guinness of course!

So a free trip for the same price or even cheaper than flying directly from Sweden? I couldn’t say no to that! I’ve spent more than a day here already and I really like it so far. In addition to the places you’ve seen in my pictures, I’ve also been on a free tour that took me to fascinating places like the castle and Trinity College.

If you’re about to do a longer trip and have some extra time, I really recommend to check the options for stopovers – you can both save money and get to visit new places, for free! I’m having a great stay here in Dublin, but tomorrow it’s time to say goodbye to this charming city and cross the Atlantic – to start this adventure for real!

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