I have some great news! In less than three weeks, my costs will be a lot lower than today. I will no longer need to take selfies at all beautiful places I visit or hand my phone over to strangers. I won’t need to go back to my accommodation as soon as it gets dark or always make sure I’ve texted someone where I’m going. I won’t have to talk on the phone everyday. Most importantly, I won’t have to miss the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Because he has decided to come to Canada, on a working holiday visa.

It’s really happening. My boyfriend, who’s back home in Sweden, is joining me on my travels and I couldn’t be happier! I’m used to travelling alone, but for once I’m really looking forward to share my adventures with someone.

I’m so excited – my boyfriend is joining me in Canada!

His name is Fredrik. I moved in with him last year and stayed until I left for Canada last month. He did his best to make me feel at home in Stockholm, even though we both knew it wasn’t my type of town. We both also knew that I would leave for Canada if I got the chance – it’s been my dream for so long. And one day the opportunity was there.

Fredrik let me change his apartment from dark colours to colours that make me happy. Mostly green. It reminds me of beautiful landscapes. He woke up with me every morning when I started working at six, although he didn’t have to go to work until hours later. He always made sure I had my lunch box with me. Sometimes he drove me so I could sleep for 15 minutes extra. He often walked with me home from work. He came to all my floorball games. He watched all seasons of my favorite TV-show. He bought me Ben & Jerry’s when I was sad. He drove us to my hometown every other weekend. He helped my parents put together their new sofa (IKEA, if you know what I mean.) He watched ice hockey with me. He went to concerts with me although he’d never heard of the bands before. He let me have the comfortable pillows in the sofa and the fluffy blanket.

Fredrik earlier this summer, during a hike in Norway.

I can go on for a long time. The point I’m trying to make, is that it’s been hard being away from him. I’m having a great time, but can’t help thinking that I want to share my experiences. Not just with anyone, but with you, Fredrik – and soon I will!

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