Or at least 421 meters above sea level, but it sure feels like I’m on top of the world. From the top of this mountain, you have a great view of Cape North – the place I’m staying in right now.

The beautiful view from the top – Cape North.

I love hiking, especially up on mountains with breathtaking views like this one. There’s a calm up here that I can’t find anywhere else. You might see an eagle, and possibly some other hikers on the way up or down, but mostly it’s just you and nature.

I was lucky this time. My friendly host drove me to the beginning of this hidden trail and I started walking. I was at the top in less than an hour, and I was completely alone. I sat there for around another hour just enjoying the view – I didn’t even bring my book. My plan was to focus on the landscape. Even though I’m starting to get spoiled with amazing secret spots like this one, it’s still not every day you get a view like this.

A great hike through the forest, filled with surprises such as squirrels, owls and even a rippling brook.

On the way down, things got even better. When I was close to the main road, ready to go home, an owl flew across the trail just a few meters in front of me and landed on a tree nearby. I stood there for a couple of minutes, admiring it while thinking about how lucky I am to see all this.


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