Mont-Tremblant − expensive, touristy and beautiful

21 October, 2018 0 By Amanda

We have arrived in our new destination – the ski resort Mont-Tremblant! We were lucky enough to get a ride here from a guy working at the eco-lodge (thank you!) and we will be here for three nights. He warned us about it being a lot of tourists in Mont-Tremblant, but it seems like we might have come just at the right time of the year. Absolutely, there are tourists, but not as many as I can imagine it being at a different time of the year – now in October it’s off season, but still very beautiful with all of the trees in different, warm colours.

Just by cruising through the town today while searching for our hostel, we could tell it’s probably rather expensive here though – that’s not good when you’re backpacking! Imagine a really beautiful ski resort with a lake right below the mountain, where the houses look like McMansions, although rather nice looking ones, and the people drive around in Porsches and Ferraris. I’m not into cars at all but Fredrik every now and then tells me when he sees a rare or a really expensive one, and that has happened quite many times here already. We could also tell that it’s probably expensive here when we booked the hostel, since it was double the price compared to Montréal where we will go next.

Some of the picturesque houses close to the mountain.

We decided to stay here in Mont-Tremblant for three nights anyway, because we want some good weather! It’s been really gray these last days and we’re afraid we might not be able to see that much if we go for a hike up to the top of the mountain. There are several different tracks to hike and we haven’t decided which one(s) to do yet. So far it’s been raining and it doesn’t look too good for tomorrow, but we’ll see.

We have at least been down to the cozy part of the town just where the ski lifts start from. There are some cool houses with really colourful roofs, small stores and restaurants. It looks pretty nice and I can imagine that it looks even better if you watch it from the mountain!

We met this curious cutie with its family while we were on our way back to the hostel.

On our way back to the hostel, we ran into this cute young deer. I believe it’s a roe deer? Anyhow, we stopped maybe five to ten meters away from it since we didn’t want to scare it, but instead it started to walk towards us. It was so curious, which is something I’m not used to when it comes to wild animals in Sweden!

Now we’re back at our hostel, preparing dinner and feeling a bit anxious about the weather forecast for tomorrow – but we don’t put too much trust in it, it has been wrong before!