I’ve found a place to call “home” for the two upcoming weeks! It’s a small town called Bonavista, which means “Happy sight”. It’s approximately three – four hours from St. John’s. It only has 3500 inhabitants and is very different from what I’m used to, especially when you compare it to a big city like Stockholm.

Bonavista is built on an open landscape and has cute wooden houses, just like St. John’s, but they still have their own charm. The surroundings are hilly with quite a few great hikes, even though the town itself is rather flat. Still, there are some beautiful cliffs not far away from where I live and you might even find a beach.

I’m working here as a volunteer in a hostel with three others. I have to work around two hours a day, in exchange for free shared accommodation and food. A pretty nice deal!

I haven’t been here for long but so far I’ve had the time to do some hikes and to go and see puffins, one of the cutest and funniest birds on earth! I’ve also picked blueberries and eaten fresh fish and even crab – something I’ve never tried before.

I look forward to spending my days here reading by the sea – isn’t it beautiful?

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