The best park in Montréal part II

A couple of days ago I told you about one of my favourite parks in Montréal. The other park that goes to the top of the list is the one on the hill Mont Royal. It also has a great view over the city, but from the opposite side compared to Jean-Drapeau. This one is also quite easy to walk to, although I remember taking the bus last time since I had a 3 days – public transport pass.

This time we walked, like we usually do, but the weather was sadly not on our side – when we arrived at the top, it was (as it seems to be every time we hike up on mountains) too foggy to get a good view. We waited in the chalet that is just behind the viewpoint and it got a bit better, but you still didn’t get that amazing view that you usually can from this beautiful hill.

Montréal seen from Mont Royal on a foggy day.

When we felt done at the viewpoint I wanted to show Fredrik the park, but since it started to rain a little bit too much even for us, we decided to walk back to the hostel. Try to make it to the park if you ever go to Montréal though, on a sunny day it’s beautiful!

Our hostel is less than five minutes away from the harbour with its ferris wheel.

Instead of having a nice day in the park, we’re now booking our train to Toronto where we’re going in a couple of days. It will be the last stop on this trip in Canada that I’ve visited before. After Toronto, everything will be new to both Fredrik and me – it’s very exciting! We plan on staying in Toronto for about a week and we might go visiting the Niagara falls while we’re there. And of course, since we’re both into hockey, we’ll go visit The Hockey Hall of Fame for sure!

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