The best park in Montréal part I

We’re back where we started, where I picked up Fredrik from the airport – in Montréal! This place means extra much to me, since this is where I started my first big trip two years ago. That’s the trip that changed my life and when I returned back home to Sweden three months later, I knew that I had to come back.

Before going to the eco-lodge to volunteer, we stayed one day in Montréal but didn’t do too much since it was raining all day. Now that we’re staying for almost a week, I decided to book the same hostel that I stayed at in 2016. We even got the same room and same bed – I’m really getting nostalgic! Somehow it is important for me that Fredrik also gets a great experience here, and we’ve been, for once, quite lucky with the weather so far.

The first day here was the sunniest one. Therefore, we decided to go to one of – in my opinion – Montréal’s most beautiful parks! It’s called Jean-Drapeau and it’s situated on an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence river. You can either walk there, go by car/bike or take the metro. It’s just about five kilometres from our hostel Auberge Saint-Paul, so we decided to walk there.

The biosphere – a museum that offers exhibits about the environment and environmental issues.

Unfortunately there is some construction work going on that we didn’t know about. Because of that, some parts of the park are closed. The park is still nice, especially with its autumn colours, but we missed out on some nice spots in the park that I was able to access two years ago. We could still go to the biosphere and the tower though – they’re very iconic for the park! You can enter both, and you’ll get an amazing view from the tower, although the biosphere has an entrance fee.

We finally found a decent spot away from the noices of the work-area to have a picnic on and sat there for some hours talking, eating and reading our books. Then we watched the sunset over the skyscrapers before walking back to our hostel.

Jean-Drapeau is definitely the best place to be at when the sun goes down over Montréal!

Tomorrow or the day after, we plan to go to another one of my favourite parks here with a nice view of the city – hopefully the sun and warmth stay for some more days!

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