The countdown and the plans

21 September, 2018 0 By Amanda

It’s a little bit cheesy, but yes – of course I’m counting down the days until my boyfriend Fredrik gets here! Which, by the way, is in less than 4 days. I’m volunteering at a place right now where I don’t really feel comfortable, which only makes me long for him to arrive even more.

At the moment I’m volunteering in Québec City – such a pretty town!

We have the first weeks planned already. Fredrik will arrive in Montréal and I will go there to meet him. We will then get picked up by a guy who needs help at his eco lodge outside of Montréal, where we will volunteer for two weeks in exchange for food and accommodation. I actually think it could be quite fun. It’s in the middle of nowhere but with a lot of hiking and other nature-related opportunities, such as kayaking. I just hope it won’t be too cold – but at least there won’t be any mosquitos.

After those weeks we plan to go to Mont Tremblant and later to Toronto. This would be around the middle of October, so in less than a month. When we feel like we’re done there, our planning has come to an end. We would like to get a job during winter since it’s going to be too cold to do anything anyway (I’m not a big fan of winter…) It should be easy getting a job at a ski resort, but since I’m not into skiing it doesn’t seem like the best fit. Fredrik on the other hand, loves skiing but keeps telling me that he would be sad being there without his own skis and gear. To sum it up, we’ve decided to most likely stay away from ski resorts.

I know it’s not winter yet, but I just couldn’t resist walking into this amazing Christmas store in the city. Every Christmas lover’s dream!

I don’t think it will be too hard finding a job in the restaurant industry though. I’ve seen a lot of adds and there seems to be a constant need of new employees. The big question for us would then be – where? Where do we want to work? I wanted to make it to British Columbia before winter, but I am starting to rethink that. I don’t want to rush through Canada and even though people say there’s nothing to see in the middle, it’s not completely true. Then there’s Alberta too, before British Columbia, which seems like a better goal for this winter.

But we’ll see. Maybe we get stuck somewhere else on the way, we might even spend the winter in Ontario!