At St. John’s two weeks ago, I stood in the queue to immigration with another girl. She was also going to stay in Canada on a working holiday visa. We didn’t really talk, I guess we both were a bit nervous. Later on when I was leaving the airport, I saw her again. We smiled at each other and I haven’t thought more about it since.

Untill yesterday. Because who do you think turns up in this hostel I’m working at, in the middle of nowhere? That same girl! We have now figured out that we both spent two days in Dublin on the same dates, we were on the same flight to Canada, we have even talked online and we’re now working in the same hostel in Bonavista. It’s a small world sometimes, at least around here!

One of the amazing views close to Bonavista.

I have less than a week left in beautiful Bonavista. At the small hostel where there are no keys, no desk for the check-ins and no employees – just us volunteers. The weather hasn’t been too good the last few days, so there’s been a lot of movie nights and game nights. I’ve seen all the major sights in the area, so now it’s all about finding secret spots and enjoying the calm and quiet before I go to a bigger city.

My next destination after Bonavista is an even smaller village, though. To get there, I will need to go eleven hours by bus, eight hours on a ferry and then two more hours by car. With the waiting time between the trips, it will take over 24 hours in total. Hopefully it will be worth it.

You never know who you meet on a hike!

But first I’ll make sure to enjoy Bonavista these last few days, I will definitely miss it!

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