Hello Toronto! It feels good to be back in this vibrant city. Fredrik and I are staying in an airbnb for about a week. It’s situated just meters away from Kensington Market, but still on a quiet street.

I guess Kensington Market is a tourist attraction, but a lot of locals go there as well. Every now and then the streets around the market close for cars and get full of delicious food, dance and music instead. It sadly seems to only happen once a month during the summer months, so we missed it this time. I managed to be at the market on a car free day last time I visited Toronto so I guess I was lucky! When we start our day by walking through the market now, there are only the “usual” markets and stores inside the buildings.

One of the most iconic buildings in Toronto – the CN Tower. It’s also the tallest building/tower in Canada.

It’s our second day here and we are going into the city centre. It will take us about 40 minutes walking, but that’s okay! We tend to walk a lot these days. At least 15-20 kilometers each day, which makes me fall asleep around nine every night – I almost feel a bit old! Fredrik is even worse though, I don’t think there’s a single night (or more like evening) when he hasn’t fallen asleep before me. And of course, he usually does it while we are watching a movie that he has chosen.

Yesterday we went to the Distillery District, a cozy national historic site close to the harbour.

But it’s fine! At least we are ready to go every morning and make the most of the days. Today we’ll most likely just walk around downtown, but tomorrow we’re going to the Hockey Hall of Fame – which we’re very excited about. Especially Fredrik who hasn’t been there already and who used to play hockey back home!

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