Finally the day arrived. I went to Montréal to pick up Fredrik from the airport and suddenly I’m no longer a solo-traveller. I think I’ve actually been adapting to it better than I thought I would, because even if I’ve missed him a lot, I’ve really got used to travelling alone since that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. I love travelling alone. It has helped me a lot with becoming who I am today, to get more confident and believing in myself. I’m pretty independent and enjoy my alone time, and when you’re travelling alone you’re free to do whatever you want which is a great feeling. But travelling with Fredrik is simple. We enjoy exploring the same things in new places. I barely have to compromise at all and we have the same values.

My boyfriend has arrived in Montréal to join me on this big adventure!

That’s why we decided to go volunteering at an eco-lodge three hours north of Montréal. It was Fredrik’s first time as a volunteer which made it extra special. We arrived pretty late in the evening and almost got the whole day off the day after because of the great weather. Around 25 degrees in the end of September shouldn’t be wasted! Therefore we decided to go kayaking, which was the first time for me. I’ve been trying to avoid it before because I’ve been scared the kayak would capsize, but it was actually way more stable than I thought it would be.

A well deserved picnic after my first time kayaking – it was fun!

We ended up at a beach not far away from the eco-lodge, but still with a beautiful view. It wasn’t hard finding a good view though, you basically just have to look out from the window in the main building since it’s facing the beautiful lake. It’s very pieceful here, far away from the city – just what we wanted. A great way to start our new adventure together!

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