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I feel like it’s time. Time to get back on the road, I want to travel the world again! After four months in Calgary, Fredrik and I just quit our jobs – we’re leaving for BC!

Where to go next

At the moment we’re choosing between Kelowna and Vancouver Island. Kelowna looks so beautiful with the lakes (and they have delicious fresh fruit and wine, that’s a big plus!), but I mean, have you seen Tofino? What a gorgeous place! Yes, it might be hard to find a job in a town with 2000 inhabitants, but the rest of the island looks really amazing too.

I want to travel the world again - bye Calgary!
I want to travel the world again – Calgary, it’s time to say goodbye!

We’re pretty much scratching our heads, trying to figure it all out. There are so many beautiful places in this country that we want to explore before our visas expire. It makes it difficult for us to choose where to go next! We’re actually not sure what we’re going to do either, do we want to travel for a while now? Or find another job in a new city? Yes, we have some money saved after four months of work, but it’s not too much, to be honest. We both had minimum wages and rent, food, transportation and so on is rather expensive in Canada. Even though we’re travelling on a budget, the money we earned in Calgary won’t take us that far if we don’t apply most of my tips on how to travel for free.

And where do we go after Canada? That’s also an exciting question!

I want to travel the world again – but first skiing and hiking

We’re going skiing before we leave. Apparently, I promised Fredrik I’ll give it a try. I don’t like snow and I don’t like the cold, so I don’t think it’s a great idea – but he loves it. All the things we do for the one we love, huh? I actually tried skiing once – I fell off the lift, went down backwards and have been traumatized ever since. When someone (Fredrik) talks about skiing I usually leave the room. Well, if I make it to the top without falling this time, at least I’ve made some progress! Also, if I make it down again without falling, that would be great as well!

Yesterday we also decided to hike up the Nose Hill Park. It’s one of Canada’s largest urban parks, but it wasn’t much of a hike though – especially since we live rather close to it! However, it offered some great views of the city and the mountains.  It felt like something we just had to do before leaving Calgary!

Nose Hill Park
On top of Nose Hill Park – so happy the weather is getting warmer!

Leaving Calgary

I’m actually a bit sad about leaving Calgary and I think Fredrik is too, even though it never really was our type of place. Neither of us is that fond of big cities so we already knew we wouldn’t feel at home here, but it was a nice experience and we will definitely miss our new friends!

Still, packing my bag again for new adventures feels really good. Like I’m starting over again, to experience new places. This whole journey is a huge adventure, divided up in lots of smaller ones – it’s great! In addition to that, it’s also getting warmer outside – woohoo!

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