Watch your step, darling

26 August, 2018 0 By Amanda

I’ve just left Bonavista, after two amazing weeks. I’m so happy I found this hidden pearl that I most likely never would have visited if I hadn’t found the volunteering position.

Beautiful Bonavista.

Although I had a great time, it was time to move on. My plan was to visit Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, and now I’m here! I’m staying in an even smaller place than Bonavista and the trip coming here was honestly not the best. I travelled for a total of 30 hours in a row by car, bus and ferry. When I finally got off the bus to get on the ferry, the bus driver told me to watch my step and also pointed out that my backpack must be heavier than me. That’s not true for sure, but it is rather full. I still feel like I’m going to need more clothes for the winter though – it’s not easy fitting your life into a backpack! Especially not when you’re travelling during four different seasons.

After eleven hours on the ferry, I arrived in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. I had no bed, no real food and nothing more than a seat on different chairs for 30 hours. I was pretty tired when my host here in Cape Breton picked me up. Luckily he was understanding and let me have some well needed rest when we arrived at his house!

One of several beaches close to my hosts’ home.

The plan is to stay here for about a week and a half. I’ll help out with whatever needs to be done. So far it’s been cleaning a camper (that’s used as an airbnb) and doing some weeding. The family I’m staying with have adorable animals, that I’m of course in love with already, although one of the cats proudly came up to me in the kitchen today with a snake in its mouth. I was alone in the house and had a smaller panic attack before I found some help. My hero just picked it up with his hands, while shaking his head at me as I stood there crying. Funny enough, it’s not the first time I’ve had a snake in the kitchen – but I hope this was the last time!