Here it is – the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. The home to so many stars and role models, and to some people that we (Fredrik) don’t like at all but who’s made a great impact in the world of hockey.

Do you remember that I told you it is quite important to me that Fredrik also likes Montréal just as much as I do? Well, unfortunately he didn’t fall in love with the city for some reason, which he told the front desk agent at the Hockey Hall of Fame who asked us about our trip. And of course, the front desk agent then told us he is born and raised in Montréal. Luckily he just laughed and disagreed with us before giving us a recommendation on where to go in Toronto for the best beers – that is always appreciated!

Stanley Cup, a must-see in the Hockey Hall of Fame!

On the way in, I met a labrador puppy that I fell in love with and minutes later Fredrik fell in love with the Hockey Hall of Fame. If you’re interested in hockey, this is truly a must. My rather small hometown with 150 000 inhabitants was even mentioned which made me really happy! And a bit sentimental, because in addition to missing my family at home, I really miss “my” hockey team. I usually go to every game back home and have done so for almost 20 years – it makes sence that I feel like something is missing. I will try to compensate later by going to a NHL game and I also keep up with my team as much as I can, despite the time difference.

One of many exhibitions in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

In the Hockey Hall of Fame, Fredrik found all of his childhood idols such as Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo. Can you tell Fredrik used to be a goalie? I had to shorten down his list of icons, because, believe me, it was long. There are also a lot of Swedish players in the museum, which, of course, is extra fun for us to read about!

I think we spent about four hours walking around here. You could do it in a shorter time, but also definitely for much longer – there is a lot to see and do. Except all the information and equipment worn by players, there are also games to play. You can even try out being a goalie!

When Fredrik left Sweden to meet me in Montréal, he had to say goodbye to his hockey team – today he got the opportunity to get back in his role as goalie.

It costs 20 dollars to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame, which definitely is worth it if you are interested in hockey and want to visit the exhibitions about its history. And of course, you get to meet Stanley!


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