I did it! I’ve found a job in Calgary! During the last week I’ve been to three different job interviews, for two part-time jobs and one full-time job in Calgary. All interviews went well but in the end the choice was easy – of course, I took the full-time job.

I’ve already worked my first day! I think this can be quite an exciting experience – the job is at an European store with the main focus on German products. I’m working as a Deli Associate, and even if I’m not 100% sure I got the position because I’m European and speak 4 different languages, including German, I’m sure it definitely helped!

My name tag at my new job in Calgary!
My name tag at my new job in Calgary!

The job is really stressful though. The store is always packed with customers. They’re asking about meat and cheeses that I’ve never heard of before and the Christmas music, that’s on way too loud, is already giving me a headache – even though I love Christmas. I hope this chaos is just because of that, Christmas. People are buying gifts and food like crazy! Fredrik and I will have a calm Christmas this year, probably without gifts. I really do love Christmas, but it’s not the gifts I care about. It’s the Christmas feeling; candles, a Christmas tree, the music but most importantly – to be around family.

This year we might not even celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, which is the day you celebrate Christmas on in Sweden. I will most likely be working on the 24th, but be off on the 25th – maybe we’ll have to watch Donald Duck one day late this year!

I can’t believe I get desserts like this one at work, every day if I want to, for free… Our bakers are really professional!

What I really like about my new job is how safe it all feels. The contract is well written, I will be trained for weeks and I’ve got a guide book to read about how everything works. In addition to this, I have a staff discount on basically everything in the store – and we sell Swedish candy! I also get a free meal everyday when I go on my break. Even dessert is included!

So, number 2 on the list is basically done. Fredrik has been to several job interviews as well – he will hopefully start working soon. Calgary, I think we’re ready to settle down!

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  1. Yvonne Fjellström

    Hej Amanda & Fredrik!
    Det är så roligt att få läsa om vad som händer och sker för er,
    GRATTIS till jobbet och hoppas att Fredrik också snart får ett…
    En sak ska ni absolut veta och det är att svensk arbetskraft är högt rankat i Canada!!!
    Ha nu en riktigt God Jul och missa nu inte Kalle och hans vänner…
    Kram från Yvonne och Kjell

    1. Amanda

      Hej Yvonne och Kjell!

      Tack för er fina kommentar! Tack så jättemycket, Fredrik letar vidare och vi hoppas att han får svar snart!

      Ha en jättebra jul, kramar från Calgary!

  2. lisaforsbergblog

    Hej! Ska bli spännande att få följa din blogg. Ha en fin dag 🙂

    1. Amanda

      Tack detsamma! Här är det kväll nu, men ha en bra dag du med haha! 🙂

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