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This is my personal blog and close to every product or service I link to or recommend is simply because I enjoy them – I don’t get anything in return, more than (hopefully) a happy reader or two!

However, if you do come across an affiliate link or a sponsored ad on my site, please have in mind that I’d only recommend products or services that I already have had a good experience with or would try myself.

I started this blog to share my story and inspire others to go backpacking, and that’s what I want to continue doing! At the moment I’m sometimes sharing links to different hostels or other accommodations to help you find a cheap but nice place to stay at the locations I’m telling you about. That saves you time, money and – if you decide to book it through my link – I earn a small commission, at no extra costs for you!

Thanks for visiting My Backpacker Life, I really enjoy sharing my journey around the world with you!

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